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Humatrope is a synthetic human growth hormone that is administered via injection. Humatrope was approved in 1987 to help children whose growth was slow due to their insufficient production of growth hormone. Ever since, it has been approved to treat various growth disorders and growth deficiency in adults.


Our Humatrope for sale comes in 6mg, 12mg, and 24mg. You can also get it in vials for use with syringe and needles.


Your dosage will be based on your weight, age, response to treatment and medical condition.


How Does Humatrope Work?


Being a human-made growth hormone, it works the same way as the growth hormone produced by your pituitary gland in the brain.


Once released into the bloodstream, it travels to body tissues. It also stimulates the liver to produce another hormone, IGF-1; which is also very important for growth. Together, both hormones work to stimulate growth in organs and bones.


Is Humatrope Meant for You?


Humatrope is prescribed for children with short stature or slow growth due to:


  • Turner Syndrome

  • SHOX deficiency

  • Inability to make enough growth hormone on their own

  • Being born small for their gestation age

  • Idiopathic short stature


Humatrope is also prescribed for  adults with growth hormone deficiency that started in the childhood, and their bones have stopped growing. Also, for those whose human growth hormone deficiency started in their adulthood due to trauma, radiotherapy, hypothalamic disease or pituitary disease.


Instructions For Use and Precautions


Once you buy Humatrope, you will receive a manual guide together with the Humatrope, and instructions regarding how to mix the solution with your cartridges.


  • Read the Manual very carefully before using and read the Patient Information along with mixing instructions before using a new cartridge.

  • If you are experiencing severe complications after having abdominal surgery, open heart operation, or other serious injuries involving the body systems, DO NOT take Humatrope since it can prove to be fatal. 

  • If you have cancer, and if your child had Prader-Willi syndrome, DO NOT use Humatrope.


How Should You Store Humatrope?


You should keep Humatrope refrigerated between 36-46 degrees F before and after it is mixed. Do Not Freeze.


After mixing and it is in liquid form, make sure to use cartridges within 28 days and vials within 14 days.


Is Our Humatrope Legit?


We buy our Humatrope for sale from a trusted manufacturer, Eli Lilly. It is a largescale pharmaceutical company in Indianapolis. It was the first to mass produce insulin and polio vaccine.


Humatrope Price Comparison


Did you know that buying Humatrope from Mexico offers you a high-cost advantage when compared to buying from other countries?


Make a smart choice!


Ready to Buy Humatrope?


Don’t allow any growth hormone deficiency syndrome to hold them back when you can solve it using Humatrope.


If you are an adult, don’t suffer alone with the effects of human growth hormone deficiency when you can buy our Humatrope for sale online and enjoy life.


Humatrope requires an official doctor’s prescription and guidance before purchase. Once you obtain your prescription, you can complete your order to get genuine and legal HGH at a discount.

Humatrope Pen Cost (720IU)



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